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Title ▴AuthorsJournalPublication year
Transfer of the Septin Ring to Cytokinetic Remnants in ER Stress Directs Age-Sensitive Cell-Cycle Re-entryChao JT, Piña F, (...), Niwa MDevelopmental Cell2019
Transmembrane helix connectivity in Orai1 controls two gates for calcium-dependent transcription.(Open Access) Frischauf I, Litviňuková M, (...), Schindl RScience Signaling2017
Tricalbin-Mediated Contact Sites Control ER Curvature to Maintain Plasma Membrane Integrity(Open Access) Collado J, Kalemanov M, (...), Fernández-Busnadiego RDevelopmental Cell2019
Two distinct membrane potential-dependent steps drive mitochondrial matrix protein translocation.(Open Access) Schendzielorz AB, Schulz C, (...), Rehling PJournal of Cell Biology2017
Two novel effectors of trafficking and maturation of the yeast plasma membrane H+ -ATPase.(Open Access) Geva Y, Crissman J, (...), Schuldiner MTraffic2017
Ultrasensitive Genetically Encoded Indicator for Hydrogen Peroxide Identifies Roles for the Oxidant in Cell Migration and Mitochondrial FunctionPak VV, Ezeriņa D, (...), Belousov VVCell Metabolism2020
Uncovering the assembly pathway of human ribosomes and its emerging links to disease(Open Access) Bohnsack KE, Bohnsack MTEMBO Journal2019
Validation of a yeast malate dehydrogenase 2 (Mdh2) antibody tested for use in western blots(Open Access) Gabay-Maskit S, Schuldiner M, Zalckvar E,F1000Research2018
WARS1 and SARS1: two tRNA synthetases implicated in autosomal recessive microcephalyBögershausen N, Krawczyk HE, (...), Wollnik BHuman Mutation2022
X10 expansion microscopy enables 25‐nm resolution on conventional microscopes(Open Access) Truckenbrodt S, Maidorn M, Crzan D, Wildhagen H, Kabatas S, Rizzoli SOEMBO Reports2018