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CaMKII inhibition has dual effects on spontaneous Ca2+ release and Ca2+ alternans in ventricular cardiomyocytes from mice with a gain-of-function RyR2 mutation(Open Access) Sadredini M, Haugsten Hansen M, (...), Stokke MKAmerican Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology2021
Capture and delivery of tail-anchored proteins to the endoplasmic reticulum(Open Access) Journal of Cell Biology2021
Cardiac multiscale bioimaging: from nano- through micro- to mesoscales(Open Access) Tolstik E, Lehnart SE, Soeller C, Lorenz K, Sacconi LTrends in Biotechnology2023
Cation selectivity of the presequence translocase channel Tim23 is crucial for efficient protein import.(Open Access) Denkert N, Schendzielorz AB, (...), Meinecke MeLife2017
CaV1.3 channel clusters characterized by live-cell and isolated plasma membrane nanoscopy(Open Access) Schwenzer N, Teiwes NK, (...), Steinem CCommunications Biology2024
Caveolin3 Stabilizes McT1-Mediated Lactate/Proton Transport in CardiomyocytesPeper J, Kownatzki-Danger D, (...), Lehnart SECirculation Research2021
CG32803 is the fly homolog of LDAF1 which influences lipid storage in vivoChartschenko E, Hugenroth M, (...), Beller MInsect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2020
Challenges facing quantitative large-scale optical super-resolution, and some simple solutions(Open Access) Dankovich TM, Rizzoli SOiScience2021
Cnm1 mediates nucleus–mitochondria contact site formation in response to phospholipid levels(Open Access) Eisenberg-Bord M, Zung N, (...), Schuldiner MJournal of Cell Biology2021
Co-Translational Folding Trajectory of the HemK Helical Domain.Mercier E, Rodnina MVBiochemistry2018