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Research groupAG Rizzoli
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Antibody data

Antigen symbolHSPA8
Antibody Registry ID(s)AB_627761
NameHSC 70 Antibody
Alternative nameHSP73
Lab ID
Tag / Fluorophore
Raised inmouse
Reacts withMouse, Rat, Human, equine, canine, bovine, porcine, avian
Antigenspecific for an epitope mapping between amino acids 583-601 at the C-terminus of HSC 70 of human origin
Crafted Bycompany
Company / ManufacturerSanta Cruz Biotechnology
Lot no.
DescriptionHSC 70 (B-6) is recommended for detection of HSC 70 of mouse, rat andhuman origin by Western Blotting (starting dilution 1:200, dilution range1:100-1:1000), immunoprecipitation [1-2 μg per 100-500 μg of total protein (1 ml of cell lysate)], immunofluorescence (starting dilution 1:50, dilutionrange 1:50-1:500), immunohistochemistry (including paraffin-embeddedsections) (starting dilution 1:50, dilution range 1:50-1:500), flow cytometry (1 μg per 1 x 106cells) and solid phase ELISA (starting dilution 1:30, dilutionrange 1:30-1:3000).
Storage instructionStore at 4° C, **DO NOT FREEZE**. Stable for one year from the date ofshipment. Non-hazardous. No MSDS required
Receipt date2021-08-05 00:00:00
Preparation date2021-08-05 00:00:00
Created byAdministrator, Administrator
Last modifiedAdministrator, Administrator

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Reshetniak S, Ußling J, Perego E, Rammner B, Schikorski T, Fornasiero EF, Truckenbrodt S, Köster S, Rizzoli SO
EMBO J 2020 : 10.15252/embj.2020104596