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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Identification of TMEM126A as OXA1L-interacting protein reveals cotranslational quality control in mitochondria(Open Access) Poerschke S, Oeljeklaus S, (...), Rehling PMolecular Cell2024
Drosophila MIC10b can polymerize into cristae-shaping filaments(Open Access) Stephan T, Stoldt S, (...), Jakobs SLife Science Alliance2024
HIV-1 capsids enter the FG phase of nuclear pores like a transport receptor(Open Access) Fu L, Weiskopf EN, (...), Görlich DNature2024
Structural mechanisms of autoinhibition and substrate recognition by the ubiquitin ligase HACE1(Open Access) Düring J, Wolter M, (...), Lorenz SNature Structural & Molecular Biology2024
SERCA2a microdomain cAMP changes in heart failure with preserved ejection fractionGotthardt M, Lehnart SECardiovascular Research2024
A metabolically controlled contact site between vacuoles and lipid droplets in yeast(Open Access) Diep DTV, Collado J, (...), Bohnert MDevelopmental Cell2024
Up-regulation of cholesterol synthesis by lysosomal defects requires a functional mitochondrial respiratory chain(Open Access) Agostini F, Pereyra L, (...), Raimundo NbioRxiv2024
Molecular basis of human nuclear and mitochondrial tRNA 3'-processing(Open Access) Bhatta A, Kuhle B, (...), Hillen HbioRxiv2024
In situ studies of membrane biology by cryo-electron tomography(Open Access) Keller J, Fernández-Busnadiego RCurrent Opinion in Cell Biology2024
Profiling the LAM family of contact site tethers provides insights into their regulation and function(Open Access) Fenech EJ, Kupervaser M, (...), Schuldiner MbioRxiv2024