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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Crystal structures of FNIP/FGxxFN motif-containing leucine-rich repeat proteins(Open Access) Huyton T, Jaiswal M, Taxer W, Fischer M, Görlich DScientific Reports2022
New Insights into the Proteolytic Regulation of the Structural Protein Junctophilin-2 by Calpain(Open Access) Weninger G, Lehnart SEJournal of Cellular Signaling2022
RNA-controlled nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of mRNA decay factors regulates mRNA synthesis and a novel mRNA decay pathway(Open Access) Chattopadhyay S, Garcia-Martinez J, (...), Choder MNature Communications2022
Editorial: Cardiac optogenetics: Using light to observe and excite the heart(Open Access) Bruegmann T, Smith GL, Lehnart SEFrontiers in Physiology2022
MCU controls melanoma progression through a redox‐controlled phenotype switch(Open Access) Stejerean‐Todoran I, Zimmermann K, (...), Bogeski IEMBO Reports2022
The role of junctophilin proteins in cellular function(Open Access) Lehnart SE, Wehrens XHTPhysiological Reviews2022
A distinct pattern of growth and RAC1 signaling in melanoma brain metastasis cells(Open Access) Stejerean-Todoran I, Gimotty PA, (...), Vultur ANeuro-Oncology2022
Metamorphic proteins at the basis of human autophagy initiation and lipid transfer(Open Access) Nguyen A, Lugarini F, (...), Faesen ACbioRxiv2022
HAX1-dependent control of mitochondrial proteostasis governs neutrophil granulocyte differentiation(Open Access) Fan Y, Murgia M, (...), Klein CJournal of Clinical Investigation2022
Cotranslational Biogenesis of Membrane Proteins in Bacteria(Open Access) Mercier E, Wang X, Bögeholz LAK, Wintermeyer W, Rodnina MVFrontiers in Molecular Biosciences2022