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Title ▴AuthorsJournalPublication year
14-3-3 binding creates a memory of kinase action by stabilizing the modified state of phospholambanMenzel J, Kownatzki-Danger D, (...), Schwappach BScience Signaling2020
A comparative analysis of the mobility of 45 proteins in the synaptic bouton(Open Access) Reshetniak S, Ußling J, (...), Rizzoli SOEMBO Journal2020
A Cross-linking Mass Spectrometry Approach Defines Protein Interactions in Yeast Mitochondria(Open Access) Linden A, Deckers M, (...), Urlaub HMolecular & Cellular Proteomics2020
A different kind of love - lipid droplet contact sites.(Open Access) Schuldiner M, Bohnert MBiochimica et Biophysica Acta-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids2017
A distinct pattern of growth and RAC1 signaling in melanoma brain metastasis cells(Open Access) Stejerean-Todoran I, Gimotty PA, (...), Vultur ANeuro-Oncology2022
A junctional cAMP compartment regulates rapid Ca2+ signaling in atrial myocytes(Open Access) Brandenburg S, Pawlowitz J, (...), Lehnart SEJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology2022
A large-scale nanoscopy and biochemistry analysis of postsynaptic dendritic spines(Open Access) Helm MS, Dankovich TM, (...), Rizzoli SONature Neuroscience2021
A metabolically controlled contact site between lipid droplets and vacuoles(Open Access) Diep DTV, Collado JF, (...), Bohnert MbioRxiv2023
A metabolically controlled contact site between vacuoles and lipid droplets in yeast(Open Access) Diep DTV, Collado J, (...), Bohnert MDevelopmental Cell2024
A MICOS-TIM22 Association Promotes Carrier Import into Human Mitochondria(Open Access) Callegari S, Müller T, (...), Deckers MJournal of Molecular Biology2019