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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
IgSF9b regulates anxiety behaviors through effects on centromedial amygdala inhibitory synapses(Open Access) Babaev O, Cruces-Solis H, (...), Krueger-Burg DNature Communications2018
Mutations of the mitochondrial carrier translocase channel subunit TIM22 cause early-onset mitochondrial myopathy(Open Access) Pacheu-Grau D, Callegari S, (...), Rehling PHum Mol Genet2018
X10 expansion microscopy enables 25‐nm resolution on conventional microscopes(Open Access) Truckenbrodt S, Maidorn M, Crzan D, Wildhagen H, Kabatas S, Rizzoli SOEMBO reports2018
Comparative synaptosome imaging: a semi-quantitative method to obtain copy numbers for synaptic and neuronal proteins(Open Access) Richter KN, Wildhagen H, Helm MS, Ußling J, Schikorski T, Rizzoli SOScientific Reports2018
The human RNA helicase DHX37 is required for release of the U3 snoRNP from pre-ribosomal particles(Open Access) Choudhury P, Hackert P, Memet I, Sloan KE, Bohnsack MTRNA Biology2018
The GET pathway can increase the risk of mitochondrial outer membrane proteins to be mistargeted to the ER(Open Access) Vitali DG, Sinzel M, (...), Rapaport DJournal of Cell Science2018
YeastRGB: comparing the abundance and localization of yeast proteins across cells and libraries(Open Access) Dubreuil B, Sass E, (...), Levy EDNucleic Acids Res2018
Stepping outside the comfort zone of membrane contact site researchBohnert M, Schuldiner MNature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology2018
Mind the Organelle Gap – Peroxisome Contact Sites in DiseaseCastro IG, Schuldiner M, Zalckvar ETrends in Biochemical Sciences2018
Nanobodies reveal an extra-synaptic population of SNAP-25 and Syntaxin 1A in hippocampal neurons(Open Access) Maidorn M, Olichon A, Rizzoli SO, Opazo FmAbs2018