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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Defining the interactome of the human mitochondrial ribosome identifies SMIM4 and TMEM223 as respiratory chain assembly factors(Open Access) Dennerlein S, Poerschke S, (...), Rehling PeLife2021
Novel Optics-Based Approaches for Cardiac Electrophysiology: A Review(Open Access) Müllenbroich MC, Kelly A, (...), Smith GLFrontiers in Physiology2021
Mechanism of molnupiravir-induced SARS-CoV-2 mutagenesis(Open Access) Kabinger F, Stiller C, (...), Cramer PNature Structural & Molecular Biology2021
Genetic Ablation of the Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter (MCU) Does not Impair T Cell-Mediated Immunity In Vivo(Open Access) Wu H, Brand B, (...), Vaeth MFrontiers in Pharmacology2021
Peroxisomes contribute to intracellular calcium dynamics in cardiomyocytes and non-excitable cells(Open Access) Sargsyan Y, Bickmeyer U, Gibhardt CS, Streckfuss-Bömeke K, Bogeski I, Thoms SLife Science Alliance2021
Sequestosome 1 Is Part of the Interaction Network of VAPB(Open Access) James C, Lenz C, Urlaub H, Kehlenbach RHInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences2021
Protein Signatures of NK Cell–Mediated Melanoma Killing Predict Response to ImmunotherapiesCappello S, Sung H, (...), Bogeski ICancer Research2021
Tracing Eukaryotic Ribosome Biogenesis Factors Into the Archaeal Domain Sheds Light on the Evolution of Functional Complexity(Open Access) Birikmen M, Bohnsack KE, Tran V, Somayaji S, Bohnsack MT, Ebersberger IFrontiers in Microbiology2021
The RNA helicase Dbp7 promotes domain V/VI compaction and stabilization of inter-domain interactions during early 60S assembly(Open Access) Aquino GRR, Hackert P, (...), Bohnsack MTNature Communications2021
Lateral gate dynamics of the bacterial translocon during cotranslational membrane protein insertion(Open Access) Mercier E, Wang X, Maiti M, Wintermeyer W, Rodnina MVProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2021